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Who We Are?

Ebiron Mixture & Foods (Pvt) Ltd, was started its journey as a Ebiron Mixture in Jaffna Sri Lanka on 1990 by our Founder Mr. Suppiah Ganesalingam as a small-scale business with our signature and traditional Mixture.  

Over 30 years, it’s now established as an Ebiron Mixture & Foods (Pvt) Ltd. We have been manufacturing Traditionally, Pure and healthy food products for a healthy lifestyle. 

We are operating our company with ethics and responsibility for consumer satisfaction. We are specialists in maintaining the quality standard. We ensure the best quality in each and every product. 

Why Choose Us?

It’s all about good food. We have been continually giving our Traditional Taste with no preservatives, no artificial flavoring & coloring in each product. 

As a quality assurance, we have been selecting the best quality raw materials to be used in a fine method to manufacture each and every product. 


To satisfy our customers, we are producing high quality, healthy products with traditional taste to make every effort to improve marketing & sales in the both local and international market. 


To satisfy our customers, we are producing high quality, healthy products with traditional taste to make every effort to improve marketing & sales in the both local and international market. 

About Company

This was started in a small-scale business in 1990 by our founder Mr Suppiah Ganesalingam. The beginning stage of business started in an old lorry box by converting into a small shop. Initially, we had started with our signature mixture and some short eats. The business was expanded step by step introducing new products (Pakkoda, Muscut, Etc) and our first store till 2016. 

2016 we had started to introduce more products with new technology to the field. The new products were introduced to the whole Jaffna market by our own sales team and Colombo market our distribution partner.  

Being in this industry for over 30 years we had expanded our production and marketing department with 47 staff and introducing a second branch in Thinnaveli Jaffna in August 2020. From there we started to introduce our products in the retail market all over Sri Lanka. As we started to work for it through our distributor to get our products in supermarkets (Laugfs, Keels, Soft Logic, etc.) is getting success day by day.  In meanwhile we had opened our third branch in Neliyadi in October 2020 

The brand was expanded due to the traditional taste, high-quality raw materials used in a pure way and no additional preservatives, no additional flavouring and no additional colour, made our customers satisfy gradually.

Colombo Distributors


  • TCT 
  • Star food store 
  • Daily food city 
  • Thanu super market 
  • Mkp discount  
  • Rajeswari shopping mall 
  • Annai naga food city 
  • Jeevan pharmacy 
  • Nanthavanam 
  • New way 
  • North way 
  • Tharani food city 
  • Baba bake house 
  • Subash bake house 
  • Akshaya food city 
  • Anuman super city 
  • Kanesh store 
  • Ruban family sweet 
  • Colombo super market 
  • Moongil super center 
  • Makshan super store 

Palm oil

ORGANIC ingredients

no artificial flavors added

How to prepare our wonderful Sweets?

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We Serve With 100% Customer Satisfaction

Go get these muscats and various gulab jaamun. You will not be disappointed as they are the best. Local owned and operated. and good service.
Saumya vicky
ProfilePictureMaker (1)
If you had a favourite sweet growing up - you will probably be able to find it here. In fact there are so many to choose from it is really hard to make up your mind.
Absolutely loved discovering this local company from online my favorite! Noticed it by seeing so many customers leave happy with their purchases.
Chamira Sampath
ProfilePictureMaker (2)
OMG THEY HAVE cashew nuts mixture. 😻 so many amazing old and new sweets the staff are very friendly and helpful! Definitely worth a visit to pick up some of your favourite sweets!